Sukkot 2020 Dates week of Simchat Torah Jewish Holidays

Sukkot 2020 Dates week of Simchat Torah Jewish Holidays

Sukkot was once one of the three customs it is considered a particularly symbolic and happy holiday. Read now in our article on Sukkot 2020 Dates Chol HaMoed Simchat Torah Holiday symbols and all Sukkot activities with the children on the holiday

Sukkot 2020 Dates Hebrew Calendar October

Sukkot Eve Shabbat Entry Friday 02/10/2020 Sukkot Entry 18:04   Tishrei

Shabbat and holiday  Saturday 03/10/2020 at 19:00 16 Tishrei

Sukkot Calendar 2020 Hol HaMoed

02/10/2020 14 Tishrei on the eve of Sukkot Shabbat and holiday: 18:04

03/10/2020 Tue Tishrei Sukkot Shabbat and holiday: 19:00

04/10/2020 16 Tishrei

05/10/2020 17 Tishrei

06/10/2020 18 Tishrei

07/10/2020 19 Tishrei

08/10/2020 20 Tishrei

09/10/2020 21 Tishrei Hoshana Rabba The beginning of Shabbat and the holiday: 17:55

10/10/2020 22 Tishrei Simchat Torah The end of Shabbat and the holiday: 18:51

11/10/2020 23 Tishrei forbade a holiday

The four species of Sukkot

On Sukkot we miraculously commemorate the four species in which the Land of Israel was blessed. In addition, you can download worksheets for Sukkot from the site with drawings of the four species.

The lulav has a taste and no smell

Myrtle has a smell and no taste

Willow has no taste and no smell

Etrog has a smell and a taste

Lulav = Tamar

Hadas = HADAS

Arava = ARAVA

Etrog = Citrus medica

Over the years, the sages of the Torah have given a variety of interpretations and symbols to the four species. Among them is a parable for the people of Israel for each species, a parable for the organs of the human body – etrog for the heart, lulav for the spine, myrtle for the eyes, willow for the lips.

The wording of the blessing of the four species on Sukkot

“בָרוּךְ אֵתה ה’ אלקינו מָלָךְ הָעוֹלָם אֹשֶׁר קָדְשֵׁנוּ במצויו וצוונו עָל נְטִילַת לולב”,